Microsoft and IOTA- Story behind the partnership project

Microsoft and Iota partnership

Recently, the IOTA partners with Microsoft to launch its initial cryptocurrency market place for IoT industry. Actually, the latest data marketplace of IOTA for (IoT) is fully based on the advanced technology, which is requested to go afar the block chain tech assurances to pause the controls of data usage that we are looking for. The IOTA foundation has publicized a launch of the data marketplace that specially designed for increasing Internet of Things (IoT) business. This company that positions behind a namesake cryptocurrency has previously committed over 20 influential stake holders that include Microsoft, Accenture, Volkswagen, Bosch and also other research groups from the perspective universities. 

In fact, data is a foundation of the machine economy. In these days, we produce more data than before. The industry leaders, smartphone owners and tech giants and also other people who utilize Apple watch, we all produce the massive number of information. Normally, it simply gets unused. In reality, many of the data produced in day-to-day usage might be very useful that can appear to be more outrageous, but you can toughly miscalculate the necessity of working with the larger capacities of information for artificial intelligence. Right now, the future of Internet of Things (IoT) is deeply linked with the growth of artificial intelligence, predictive analysis and machine learning. Also, IOTA assures to solve many bitcoin issues, which of its speed, scalability and transaction fees. 

At present, most of the top world-known companies are united their efforts to build the futuristic methodologies of artificial intelligence as a segment of our day-to-day life and even though the IOTA basis has developed a platform that enables to alter a way that the datasets are viewing today. The marketplace of data is simply like a data, which can be utilized for reasonable buy-sell functions. The chief aspect that creates a newly made marketplace distinct is the Distributed Ledger architecture, which is commonly known as Tangle. When compared to its nearest competitor like block chain technology, the community has a benefit of being wholly regionalized. By using this network, the authentication is no lengthier segregated. They are aiming to implement the most collaborative as well as impactful demo of distributed ledger technology up to date. 

Latterly, the media has overblown a story that the IOTA launches the data marketplace with Microsoft that cannot be more from the truth. They are just working together with over 30 of the biggest companies in the world on a marketplace as a co-innovation practice. It means that the Microsoft has not yet legally distributed any information to the marketplace of IOTA and not does it have any sensors linked to its community. When inquired on its investment in the data marketplace of IOTA, the Microsoft block chain specialist states through email to communication with IOTA “we are enthusiastic to companion with the foundation of IOTA and gratified to be connected with its latest data marketplace creativity”. Hence, the launch of this data marketplace was just a starting and this project will continue for many future weeks and it multi-staged.